man on motorcycle wearing solid gray hardshell backpack

What makes SOLID GRAY perfect hard shell motorcycle backpack? Motorcyclists are a different breed. Riding a bike is an entirely unique different way of traveling, with different demands. No matter if you are riding a dirt bike, a racer, touring bike, or a chopper; weight, space and convenience are paramount. This means your clothing and apparel have to cater to different situations to be suitable for use on your bike. That’s where hard shell backpacks come in.

The favorite motorcycle backpack around the world

SOLID GRAY has been the favourite backpack of motor rides around the world for years now. And for good reasons! Its lightweight hard shell design and aerodynamic shape offers clear advantages over other backpacks when riding your motorcycle. Less drag, and none of that flapping and fluttering you get when riding with textile backpacks. Riding a motorcycle with our hard shell backpacks means you experience a smoother, faster ride.

Protective hard shell

It starts on the inside. Here, all your gear is safely strapped in place, ready to withstand wild rides and rough terrain. Even more so when you use our Adaptable Organizer rigged to strap down and protect specific items in your everyday carry. Then, in the outside, there’s our uniquely protective hard shell backpack. Engineered to protect your valuable gear throught the worst of crashes. Year in, year out, we have gotten stellar reviews, and personal messages of riders who’s gear got saved by their SOLID GRAY backpack, praising its sturdy hard shell backpack construction to save their precious cargo from motorcycle mishaps.

Crash service

SOLID GRAY is unique among motorcycle hard shell backpacks in a lot of ways. Not in the least because we offer a unique life long crash service. If you crash your hard shell backpack with your motorcycle, we will supply you with a new bag at half the price. We don’t care how long you’ve owned your hard shell backpack, or how you crashed it. Maybe you hit some gravel, misread a turn, or attempted a backflip. We’ve got you covered. Show us some pics of your crashed backpack and we’ll provide a replacement at 50% discount. Keeping yourself safe is up to you, but our hard shell motorcycle backpacks are there to protect your gear when you need it.