SOLID GRAY is founded by product designers Jasper de Leeuw and Herman Lijmbach; both alumni of the Design Academy Eindhoven, and co-owners of product design agency Lijmbach, Leeuw & Vormgeving. We share a passion to develop products that are both ruthlessly original and ruthlessly functional. Groundbreaking designs that raise the bar by being like nothing else. As design consultants, we designed all kinds of products for a wide range of clients. We often found that the designs we loved the most, would push the envelope too far for the brands we work for. SOLID GRAY backpack is such a radical product. We founded the SOLID GRAY brand simply because we love the product, because we believed others would love it too, and because we wanted to see what would happen if we set it out into the world.


We believe in creating new things. Products that are different, because we design them from scratch. Our products aren’t different for the sake of being different. They are different because that’s what it takes to make a them the best they can be. We are not happy until form, function and material are in perfect synergy, and even the smallest details are turned upside-down and inside-out. Our production process is equally demanding; all SOLID GRAY products are manufactured in the Netherlands, with utmost respect to ecology and human well being. We aren’t satisfied until you are holding a product that feels strange, yet perfected in every possible way. Its what we call breaking the ordinary.


Even though SOLID GRAY stands for eye-catching products, there is more than meets the eye! Since its launch in 2012, SOLID GRAY has evolved into a thriving brand through a continuous flurry of blogs, magazines films and other publications, and off course the support of loyal customers in over 70 countries. We make not-so-ordinary products for not-so-ordinary people. People with a story to tell, and dreams to live. No matter whether you are involved in arts, music, design, technology or something completely different. Our customers are the roots of our brand identity, and nothing makes us prouder than knowing you are out there rocking our products. So for all you hard workers, daily travelers and creative minds; show us how you use your SOLID GRAY, share us your stories. Wed like to invite you to become part of our story, and we hope we can be a part of yours.