Do you offer free shipping?

Yes we do! We ship all backpacks for free to any location worldwide.

Shipping surcharges only apply in the following cases:
1. For small orders. The amount from which you will have free shipping is shown in the shipping details on the Cart Page.
2. For super fast UPS shipping.
In both cases we only charge the exact costs we have to spend to have your order delivered. You can see the exact surcharges in the shopping cart. For UPS shipping costs and transit times, please enter your postal code.

Do you offer express shipping?

Yes we do!
-On the CART page, you can click on the button “Show UPS options”
– Enter the requested information, and the costs for express shipment with UPS will be calculated.
-When selecting this option, the entire delivery is handled by UPS; from our warehouse to your door using only UPS own airplanes, trucks and personnel.
-Indicated delivery times are 99% accurate. Barring something very serious like a snow storm.
-No customs delay. UPS’ internal customs departments process any paperwork the minute you place your order with us. Once the package enters your country, your order has already cleared customs, and is ready to be delivered.
-Depending on the service and your location, UPS offers convenient services such as re-routing, and pick-up point selection.

Is shipping secure?

-We guarantee safe delivery on every order regardless of the shipping service or location.
-If your order gets damaged, lost or stolen in transit; we send a replacement as soon as possible.
-Online tracking to see where your order is at any given time.
-If anything seems wrong, just send us an email, and we will check your shipment.
-You will be assisted personally by the same person with any questions.

How will my order be processed?

-After completing the payment for your order, you will receive your order confirmation by email.
-We usually package and ship your order within one business day.
-As soon as the order is being processed, you will receive the tracking information by email. It may take a few hours for the tracking link to be fully functional.
-You can track your order via the provided link. And in most countries also via the tracking portal of your national postal service, using the same barcode as provided.


-If you did not receive your order confirmation or your tracking number, please make sure to check your spam folder, it may have been sent there.
-If you have made a mistake in your address, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to hold your order and change the address.
-In some cases your payment is pending manual clearance. Do not worry, this means our payment service provider has flagged your transaction as suspicious for a number of possible reasons. We will check your order and usually clear it for processing within one business day. We will contact you if necessary.
-If your order seems stuck in transit, it often means that it is waiting to be cleared by local customs department. If in doubt, please email us, and we will gladly check for you.

What should I expect if I select free shipping?

-Our basic shipping option is free, fast, secure and reliable.
-The PostNL (the Dutch postal service) flies your order to your country. From there your national postal service will take care of the local part of the delivery.
-You can track your order through the entire process.
-Indicated delivery times are 95% accurate, but not guaranteed. Although rare, customs may take some time to inspect and release your package.
-Our experiences with local post over the years have been very good.
-If needed, we will gladly call and ask for the whereabouts of your package.