SOLID GRAY backpack disinfected for corona particles
  • The Corona proof backpack, favorite among health care professionals.
  • The easiest backpack to clean, just wipe with some disinfectant.
  • High tech material to resists germs and pathogens.


A Covid proof backpack? Really!? Think about it. How often do you wash your bag? And how often do you wear it? We think it’s kind of strange. We wear a shirt for one day before washing it, but we all wear our backpack for years without ever disinfecting it. In the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak, hygiene is more important than ever. Many are staying indoors as much as possible to beat Covid. But if you have to go out, it’s nice to know you can sanitize your backpack afterward.


Unlike fabric backpacks, a SOLID GRAY backpack can be cleaned in just seconds. A basic wipe is enough to remove rain and dirt. How to clean your backpack? Well, disinfecting this backpack is very easy. All it takes is a disinfectant spray or a cleaning wipe with your disinfectant of choice. SOLID GRAY’s smooth material leaves no place for dirt to hide in and tolerates the most used sanitizing agents. Likewise, our Switch System Straps can be removed in seconds and washed separately. Since 2012, SOLID GRAY has been the backpack that’s the easiest to clean. We never thought that making a backpack easy to clean would be so important, but here we are. And we’re proud to get positive feedback from brave health care professionals and other customers from all over the world.

the easy to clean corona proof backpack


The SOLID GRAY backpack is made of custom-engineered polymers. Our materials are 100% non-porous and have a ultra-low surface tension. The backpack’s non-porous surface means moisture and dirt can’t creep into the material. Even better, the ultra-low surface tension makes it notoriously difficult for any substance like dirt, grime, or even glue or paint to stick to it.


On an average day, you visit stores, public transit, and countless other crowded places wearing your backpack. Imagine the amount of germs, microbes, air-borne pollutants, viruses, and diseases that latch onto your clothes and bag. So we understand if you’re wondering how you can clean your backpack the best possible way. SOLID GRAY is the easiest backpack to clean and pretty hard to get dirty in the first place. This is exactly why SOLID GRAY is the perfect Covid proof backpack if there ever was one. It’s more important than ever to know you can sanitize your gear. Disinfect your backpack and get rid of invisible nasties to safeguard your safety and that of others around you. Stay safe, and hang in there everyone!