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Additional Straps

Additional Straps

Solid Gray’s Switch System shoulder straps can be detached and swapped around with ease. All backpacks come standard with your choice of straps. Need more colors to match your styles? This is your chance, pay less by ordering more straps at the same time.

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  • Stealthy Black
  • Neon Grapefruit
  • Glacial Blue
  • Neon Jungle
  • Bold Red
  • Crisp White
  • Supreme Blue

Solid Gray Switch System: Swap between different straps
Size: 50mm (1.97″), extra wide straps
Care: the straps can be hand-washed

Straps: PP
Locking system: POM

Switch System

Solid Gray introduces the unique “Switch System”. Shoulder straps are attached or released in seconds by pushing two points on the locking parts.

Strap styles

Define your style with your favorite color straps. Why even settle for one color? Switch and swap different pairs in seconds to match your mood and outfit at any given time.

High durability

The durable spring-loaded locking system is built from hard wearing POM. Designed to be simple and secure.