metal aluminium composite backpack

The Aluminium backpack from SOLID GRAY® is quite different from other backpacks. This backpack is actually constructed from a metal plastic composite material. But what does that mean?!

Following our original polymer series backpacks we quickly launched a successor, the Aluminium edition. Lighter, stronger, and even more sophisticated than its already great predecessor.

The technology

So composite materials. We have all heard about them, but what are they exactly? We get this question a lot, so we’d love to explain how they work once and for all. There are many different types of composites, all have one thing in common; They’re a combination of different materials. The resulting material has the best qualities of both.

One of the components used is usually strong and flexible, while the other one is hard and stiff. Take carbon fiber for example, in which carbon provides tensile strength, while the resin covering it makes it hard. The result: a material strong enough to be used in sports cars, space flight and sports gear.

From what composite material is this metal backpack made?

The Aluminum serie backpacks are from a different type of composite; a sandwich material. A core layer of strong polymer plastic, covered by two layers of stiff aluminum. The result is material that has the best technical properties of both its components; strong, lightweight, extremely thin. The perfect material for a hard shell backpack. This is also the very reason they use the material of our backpack for planes.

A high end piece of gear

This is technical and sophisticated stuff, but let’s not forget the looks. A glossy brushed metal surface, combined with a laser engraved serial number makes for a great overall look. Futuristic, modern yet no-nonsense. The ideal choice to finish your (business) outfit and wow everyone you meet; friends, colleagues, and boss alike.

Not many backpacks out there are made from metal, but not every backpacks is a SOLID GRAY® now is it?