sustainable self build backpack concept

SOLID GRAY® presents their next step in product development during the event “M-ODE: New Beginnings”. This event is focused on the future of sustainable fashion. This is where we will present a new concept for an even more sustainable backpack. This brand new SOLID GRAY® edition is designed to reduce the environmental impact through self-assembly.

The user assembles the E-CONSTRUCT© backpack by them self. Where the bright decorative eco-solvent print will help with this, as it functions as a complete assembly manual. Resulting in the transformation of the manual into the product itself. On top of that, the print is a proud celebration that showcases the user’s construction skills. All these construction techniques are simple, reversible, and require little tools.


  • Flat and efficient packaging for lower shipping impact.
  • Designed for service, repairs and upgrades. Increasing the backpacks impressive lifespan. This can all be performed by the user.
  • Completely recyclable into pure, high-end technological materials with a simple disassembly process.


Developed for those who are conscious about the environmental impact of the consumer/fashion industry. And most importantly, for those who want to make a difference. Secondly, for those who take joy in creating something with their own hands.

Crafting this backpack by yourself will make it that more personal. With this in mind, we hope you will care for it even more. If you’re not into building something yourself, you might know someone who does and can help you out:)


We’ve never been into fast fashion. And we certainly don’t want to be part of the “throw-away society”. In contrary, SOLID GRAY® designs and develops backpacks that are unlike any other. Its unique design make it lightweight, super-strong and very durable. Resulting in a backpack that is ready for years of use.

We keep our production process local. Making sure to set the mark for quality, environmental care and working conditions. That’s why SOLID GRAY® products are all designed in Amsterdam. And manufactured in Dutch social enterprises. And most importantly, adopted by enthusiastic users all over the world.

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