Modern hard-shell backpack for kids.
  • The unique backpack, safe to use, and easy to clean.
  • The backpack kids can use all by themselves.
  • Designed to spark the imagination, perfect for role play.


Are you looking for an unique kids backpack that has a modern or even futuristic look. Than look no further, as we’ve just launched a miniature version of the iconic SOLID GRAY® backpack!

At first, we produced the Baby Polymer backpack for our own daughters and their friends. It became a smash hit, triggering our kids’ imagination like no other toy. We have seen their backpacks turn into an astronaut’s jetpack, a turtleshell, a knight’s armor, a picnic basket, a doll carrier and much more. The backpack is also obviously great at carrying things to daycare and school!


This backpack can actually be used and handled by the youngest kids. Opposite to zippers or other closings that young kids will find to hard to open, this backpack uses a Velcro closing. Meaning kids can open the backpack by themselves, really making it their own.

With a volume of 2 liters there is plenty of storage room. Available in vibrant colors such as Bubble blue, Gremlin Green of Party Pink, this pack is ready to be taken out on adventures, play date, sleep over, daycare or school trips alike.


This modern backpack is not your average kids backpack. Even more so, it’s something you’ve probably not seen before. It’s outspoken design is something you either hate or love, there is no in between. And that’s just what we like at SOLID GRAY®.

The fact that it is a tiny hard shell makes for some great benefits. For example, a banana will not be bruised and a cracker will not crumble 🙂 It also keeps the more fragile toys much better protected than a traditional fabric backpack.


SOLID GRAY® products are build to last, we stand behind our quality and service. How ever, there is always a chance that a product breaks. In the event this happens outside anything our warranty covers, we offer a “crash service”, the details can be found here.
This service applies to the full range of SOLID GRAY® products!